Around the world and right here in Oregon, this year’s Earth Day gives us a moment to stop for a minute and be proud of what we’ve accomplished, and what we’re on track to do. And we have a lot to do.

This year, on Earth Day, 155 countries are signing a historic bill committing to fight climate change. This is a big deal. It may not be *such* a big deal to Portlanders because we’ve been on this path for a long time.

Portland has always been out in front. Now it’s time to lead again. While countries around the world are taking huge steps today, we can keep pace — and start talking about a future for Portland that is based on renewable energy. 

In Oregon, we’ve seized the opportunity to shift our economies away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy. It worked. As Treasurer, I’ve said that I will no longer support coal investments.  Oregon is on track to double our investments in renewable energy by 2020 and double them again by 2030.

The city of Portland took one of the boldest stands against fossil fuel infrastructure of any city worldwide. I was proud to support city officials in their unanimous effort to ban the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure.

The next step is one that is going to take a lot of collaboration, and a lot of will, but I know we can do it. I’ve committed, that if I’m elected mayor of Portland, that that I’ll bring leaders together on day one to plan for Portland’s renewable energy future.

And guess what? It will be good for the economy.

Portland’s government has focused mainly on what we are against in terms of fossil fuels. I also want to lead a discussion that focuses on what we are for.

We are for renewable energy. We are for creating tens of thousands of jobs. We are for a Portland where we trust that the air we’re breathing is safe.
Transitioning toward an economy based on more renewable energy gives us opportunities in clean tech manufacturing, clean tech research and development, sustainable transportation, green building, and renewable energy infrastructure that will create tens of thousands of jobs.

Let’s celebrate the accomplishments of the #ParisAgreement. Now let’s show the world the way to a renewable energy future.